Welcome to AP Art History.

Purity Test, 1991, Mark Tansey

What do you see in the painting to the left?


If you are unsure, don't worry.  


How often have you looked at a work of art and liked it but didn't know why?  Or knew it was famous, but didn't understand what everyone else saw in it that made it so?  Every day we see art that we are asked to "decode" with limited or no knowledge at all.  


AP Art History will teach us to unwrap, to reveal, to make the exotic and unknown available. 


...perhaps WE are the Native Americans on the hill, looking at something that seems impossible...



A very special thank you to Dr. Robert Coad for his infinite wisdom, amazing workshops, gift of materials and time, and years of support.

Another special thank you to Ms. Marsha Russell for her devotion to teaching and generosity in sharing her materials and knowledge with all of us.

Thank you to Valerie Park for her inspirational AP Art History web site that guided the creation of this site.

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