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What is a Snapshot Sheet?

You will be creating what I call SNAPSHOT SHEETS for each of the 250 key works of art you will need to know intimately and understand for the AP Art History course.  So what, exactly, IS a snapshot sheet?


1. Snapshot sheets are a way to structure basic, research-based information about a work of art pertaining to its form, content, context, and function. 


2. Snapshot sheets can help relate a specific work of art to AP Art History big ideas/essential knowledge statements. 


3. Snapshot sheets may be used to connect a specific work with others that address similar ideas.

4. Snapshot sheets contain the most important information about a work of art/architecture, along with images, so you'll not only understand the art but the global connections.  Think of these sheets as you final "text book", your Cliff Notes, your ultimate study guide.

Snapshot_Ex_1 copy.jpg
Snapshot_Ex_2_FRFONT copy.jpg

What is a Q Card?

Q cards are similar to flash cards and will be used as a study guide to help you remember the artworks, architecture, and basic information about each work that you will need to know.  

What should I include on a Q Card?

All Q Cards will have an image on one side and text information (The Identifiers) on the back.  You will be separating the cards (2D, 3D, architecture) by designating a color code for each group.  You will need to purchase 4 x 6" index cards in bulk as you will be creating over 250 Q Cards.

The Front:

Every Q Card will have a color image printed out and adhere to the front.  You need to find THE BEST resolution of the image AND print in color unless the image is black and white.  

The Back: The "Identifiers"

Title of the Artwork - Underline 2D and 3D artworks, not architecture.

Name of the Artist -

Date - When was the artwork/architecture created? Century dates are fine but be clear - is the piece early, mid or late 13th century?

Material/Technique (media) - What is the art made of?  HOW is it made?

Period/Movement/Culture - Give the cultural and time reference (Baroque, Prehistoric, Contemporary)

Original Location - Where was the art originally intended for?  (A temple, church, gvernemnt building, or public square?)


Q Card Front:

Q Card Back:

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