1. Be fearless.  Yes, this course requires a lot of time, work, and thinking. But I promise, when it's done you'll never regret the work you did.
  2. Don't miss class if you can help it.  Much of the information in class is the "best" and can't be found on the Internet or my research materials.  It's the "good stuff" that makes the art works come alive!
  3. Don't cheat.  Do your own work, take your own tests, don't copy.  It's the only way you'll really get to know the material (and be the smartest one in your freshman college classes!)
  4. Take a chance.  Be risky.  Don't simply sit and not participate in class - the best part is the discussion and your opinions!


A very special thank you to Dr. Robert Coad for his infinite wisdom, amazing workshops, gift of materials and time, and years of support.

Another special thank you to Ms. Marsha Russell for her devotion to teaching and generosity in sharing her materials and knowledge with all of us.

Thank you to Valerie Park for her inspirational AP Art History web site that guided the creation of this site.

And finally, if you choose to use any of the images or information from this site, I ask that you kindly give me credit.  Thank you for visiting!