These videos dive into several themes such as violence, the human body, dreams and visions, and death. More are included at this site. Each video is about 30 minutes and great way to study and see lots of art in a short amount of time. 

2020 ​EXAM DATE: Friday, May 8, 12:00


(10 Content Areas per the College Board)

  1. Global Prehistory (4%, 11 works)

  2. Ancient Mediterranean (15%, 36 works)

  3. Early Europe and Colonial Americas (21%, 51 works)

  4. Later Europe and Americas (21%, 54 works)

  5. Indigenous Americas (6%, 14 works)

  6. Africa (6%, 14 works)

  7. West and Central Asia (4%, 11 works)

  8. South, East, and SE Asia (8%, 21 works)

  9. The Pacific (4%, 11 works)

  10. Global Contemporary (11%, 27 works)


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