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Ancient Mediterranean

(3500 - 330 BCE)

Key Periods:

Sumerian Art: 3500-2332 BCE

Akkadian Art: 2332-2150 BCE

Neo-Sumerian Art: 2150-1600 BCE

Babylonian Art: 2150-1600 BCE

Assyrian Art: 1600-612 BCE

Neo-Babylonian Art: 604- 559 BCE

Persian Art: 525-330 BCE

      Height of Persia ends with destruction of     

      Persepolis by Alexander the Great

CONTENT: What do you see?

FORM: The details (what you see more exactly). How the artist delivers the content.

CONTEXT: Everything NOT observable.

FUNCTION: The intended purpose of the work.




UNIT SHEET: below 



Ancient Near East Unit Sheet:

Ancient Near East Unit Sheet:

APAH 250 Images:

5.  Beaker with Ibex motifs

6.  Anthropomorphic stele

12. White Temple and ziggurat

14. Statues of votive figures (Sumerian)
16. The Standard of Ur
19. Code of Hammurabi

25. Lamassu from the citadel of Sargon II

30. Audience Hall of Darius and Xerxes

      - apadana

      - apadana stairway

Additional Image

Victory Stele of Naram sin

Michael Rakowitz’s assembly of facsimiles replicates through disposable packaging items looted from the National Museum of Iraq.
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